Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 27

It was a long day yesterday. She's in hyper-mode.She cannot stop moving. She wants to get out of bed, go to the bathroom all the time, plays with her lines, constantly has to be watched. Since she doesn't remember anything, a lot of repeating and explaining. She asks why much of the time. She was at grandma's yesterday. Talked with people who aren't here. One time she said, "This room is boring. I don't think you should buy this house." Today she is in a rec room. At least, she's "not" in a hospital. They have a tech that stays in her room at night. I am with her all day. The nurse monitors things from just outside her room. The correct drugs are on board. Her sodium is at normal now. Hopefully we will see some improvement from this. She was not near as random with the crazy stories yesterday. She cannot remember ANYTHING that is happening or has happened. They said that she won't remember things during this time frame say a couple of months. It would take months for her to layer new memory and this is 50/50. We remain hopeful with faith and courage. She is super pleasant to be around. Smiling and cheerful. She hasn't complained of pain or of anything. The nurses from 1NW have been visiting. We have so much support here and of course from home and from all of you out there who are faithful friends in Christ. I so appreciate your encouraging words everyday. I look for them and need them. I know I am not alone nor do I feel alone.

We skyped home last night. She talked with Dad, Trent, Karly, Konner, Kassidy, and Grandma. Tyler and Alex each had an interesting conversation with her on the phone. Aunt Debbie drove up yesterday to help me with her and brought me a few food items. She is a huge blessings. Sorry, Aunt Angie and Aunt Joanne, but for Kelsey right now everything is out of sight out of mind. When you get here, she will say she likes you too and give you big cheesy smiles.

She is getting her bone biopsy and endoscopy any minute, so I will finish here for now.

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  1. Tammy, I thought of something funny to share with you. I remember one time when my husband was in the hospital and kept messing with his IV lines day and night. He was in hyper-mode too. One night I was having to try to watch him with one eye open because I was so exhausted. The nurse came in and I heard her say, "You broke your line. What did you do? Did you chew it in two?" I don't know if he chewed it or just twisted it back and forth all night long until it broke open, but those are the kinds of things that are funny stories to us now. Another time my husband had a huge lesion that caused aphasia. Aphasia is when you either have trouble using language or understanding language or both. Well, one of our daughters started writing down all the funny things he said so now we can laugh about them. Keeping a sense of humor about it all helps as long as no one feels embarassed of course. I will share a couple of them with you. I hope they make you laugh.

    When all four of our girls came to visit him at the hospital:
    Pointing to Erica: “She’s squirt!”
    Pointing to all of us: “You’re all squirt!”
    Pointing to Taylor: “Well she’s always been squirt.”
    (Translation: He meant to say 'short'.) - Daddy 8/4/10

    When Mom was taking Daddy’s blood pressure on his arm and the cuff got tight he said, “You’re gonna break my legs!”

    After our two youngest daughters walked into our bedroom once their movie was over:
    “Their trouble must be over.”
    Then after they left the room:
    “I love my guinea monkeys, but they sure are off base.” -Daddy 6/13/10

    Father in heaven, we praise you that Kelsey is in such good spirits and not in pain or fearful. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray that you will completely heal her of the brain virus and completely restore her mind. We pray that you will heal her body of all infections, viruses and fungi. Father we pray that you will protect her from all harm and keep your hedge of protection around her. Again we pray for comfort, rest and peace for Kelsey and Tammy and all of their loved ones. Make your name great through this trial. Your will be done in all things. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

    With love in Christ,

    Denise R. from Texas