Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 35

Stephanie stayed all night with Kelsey. Kelsey was up from 4-8am. Tracy made it over around 7:00 and was able to talk with her. Around 10:30 Neurology came by and woke her up. She was up around 2 hours again. This was a good time for us. She was a bit more vocal. What seems amazing to me today is that her breathing is slower when she is awake. She is really amazing. Doctors seemed pleased that we are holding steady. Again, every day is tentative. Every night, I am not wanting to leave her. I am not sleeping great, but need what I get. This morning, I woke with a start when I saw in my "dream" that her oxygen was dropping. I got up so I could get over to her right away. When I noticed Tracy wasn't in the room, I knew he was with her. That was a relief. I was all in a tizzy about maybe needing to put the breathing tube in, but was reassured by my devotional and then again by a nurse of 40 years that came and visited us this morning that the right thing to do for now is let her be. Today was very uneventful medically but for the family it was great. Tomorrow she has another lumbar puncture and MRI of brain. I'm not sure what I'm feeling. It is going to happen. It will give us some kind of news. I want a miracle!

Having Steph here has been just what God deemed I needed. I told her that I didn't need anything & that I needed to be here with Kelsey, however, just having her here has added so much to each day. It's been great for Kelsey; our conversations have been much more interesting. Kelsey enjoyed listening and adding comments. Now with the family here, she has just found another niche. She cooked lunch for everyone. Tomorrow she has a dinner planned. This is a huge blessing and allows me to spend most of my time with Kelsey. That is what I needed. I know that God is answering so many prayers. I can't even imagine all the different prayers offered up for us, but I know that He is answering them. Our needs are being met. I have answered people when asked what they can do for us during this time by saying, "Just pray and listen to how you are being led." Thank you to all you faithful and obedient brothers and sisters.


  1. I'm so encouraged to hear that God has given you just what you need, just when you needed it! I'm so happy that your family is together. I continue to pray for you throughout the day! Blessings,
    Jodi Kunsman

  2. So thankful you are all getting what you need. He is a mighty God! Praying X 3

    Wishing you peace.
    Jana, Chad & Ruby-Kathleen

  3. Once again, God's great grace is manifested through your family. So happy that each is being ministered to by the Spirit. We continue believing and praying. Much love,

    Dad Sprowl

  4. This popped up on my fb page, I it made me think of you all.

    "The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring."
    - Isaiah 58:11

    Praying X 3