Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 54

She finally came out of her low temp state around 4:00 today. The good thing was she wasn't totally "out of it". When I came in this morning she knew me, she was eating, and was more alert. She slept a good amount this afternoon. She has been experiencing some extreme pain related to her bodily functions. They ordered another bed for her which she received tonight. It has air flow on the underside to reduce sweat. She seems to like it so far. Tomorrow is her bone biopsy and another lumbar puncture under sedation. She is not making any white cells yet. Hopefully the bone biopsy will give them some good information about what is happening inside the marrow. Her brain seems to be more alert. She is experiencing so much pain unlike the days she didn't know what was happening. All in all I call this a good day. I slept horrible last night. I had a couple people tell me that I was brought to mind last night. Thank you Jesus for supplying all our needs. It is not that I don't trust the ICU staff although I question them a bunch. It is that Kelsey wants and needs someone with her. I often don't think I dream or remember that I had a dream, but when it comes to Kelsey it is remember-able and not one that I want to remember. Most dreams are not of a happy nature. I see her sitting up abrupt, in pain, or some unknown things happening to her at night which seems to be a pattern. Whenever I leave her for awhile, stuff happens. Please pray for things to stop happening to her when I'm away. She tells me what a horrible night she had or what awful nightmares she had. Pray she can dream more dreams that are positive. Kelsey said that at night the enemy is prowling around her. I believe she is very astute. These things come to mind tonight. Thank you for keeping us uplifted. Amazing things are still happening.

Aunt Angie, Uncle Eric, Nathan, Megan, and Autumn were visitors yesterday. Kelsey enjoyed seeing them It really had been a long time, and she noticed how much they had grown. She had to ask them to leave as one of her belly pain spells was occurring, but thankfully they saw her awake and talking. They took Grandma, Konner, and Kassidy down to Debbie's. They did horse riding today. It was a nice 40 degree day. Uncle Ridge is bringing the girls back here tomorrow. Everyone will be coming back for New Year's Eve, then leaving for Indiana on Saturday morning. We still haven't figured out exactly what we are doing, but are thinking the rest of the family will return to Muncie and college to retain some normality in their lives. If the need arises for them to return, then that is what will happen. We won't decide until we reach that day. Things happen so quickly around here. She remains very complicated. Continue prayer for wisdom and however else the Holy Spirit leads. Thank you Jesus. Thank you warriors.

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  1. When I think about Kelsey and pray for her the only thing that ever comes to mind and heart is that the world needs her. She has a job to do and that she needs to get well to accomplish it. So I say "Come Lord Jesus and make her whole!"

    Continuing to pray for strength for you and complete and utter miracles for her!