Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 29

It's a wonder I am keeping track of these days. This morning she seemed ok, not exactly normal, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. She could answer questions this morning pretty much accurately, but then forget which is typical. Neuropsych came in to assess her. She didn't know what a pen was which she knew all week. She couldn't write the alphabet; she was a bit erratic with the questions and mood swings. Around 12:30 she had a seizure. She wasn't responding to me. Couldn't answer any questions, just stared. Her personality was a bit too nice, then mean, then nothing. It went prolonged for awhile, then the doctor just gave her atavan to help her relax and stop the seizure. While this was going on, they did another EEG which indeed revealed the activity in the temporal lobe where the infection is. It was a confirmation for them. They had to cath her while she's sleeping. When she wakes up Kelsey my dear will not be happy about this. The fact that she has only slept 2 hours since Monday definitely increases seizure activity. This induced sleeping could be really good for her. They had to take away 1 nausea med(it increases seizure risk), so pray the nausea doesn't return with this reduction. Her kidney is suffering with all of this. The longer she is on the medication to clear the viral brain infection, the more chance of damage to the kidney, but if it can clear quickly, then it could be reversible. Her sodium went on the high side today, so dealing with many issues with this. She on oxygen today. Not quite sure what that is about, but she's having a CT of the chest tomorrow to determine if the lung infection is resolving or increasing. If increasing they're doing a lung biopsy. If resolving, on the correct drug. A blessing is arriving this weekend. Kelsey's long time friend, Stephanie Cullison Stein, who is residing in Idaho is flying in this weekend courtesy of Pam and Tim. Steph will provide some entertainment to her when she wakes up and returns to yesterdays Kelsey. Since she will be on west coast time, she will stay up later than me, so Kelsey can have longer care from someone she knows. Sister Debbie is on her way here and bringing a "feast". I saw some 1NW nurses today who said I looked like I lost weight. I don't think I have, but still thought I could lose some pounds. I'm on the ICU diet.

Had a great devotional today that re-encouraged me. Have to keep remembering I'm in a battle. Thanks for lifting us up in this time of struggles and rejoicing with us in the miracles.



  1. You guys have been in our prayers and today this song came on and I thought I should post it for you. It's God is in control and the youtube link is

  2. Continuing to send prayers X 3.

  3. "I will never leave you and I will never abandon you." Hebrews 13:5