Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 46

Kelsey was doing so well yesterday. This morning the overnight nurse who had her until 7:00am got her out of bed. She hadn't seen her for awhile and was so happy to see her doing so well and thought this was a good idea. This in itself may have not been the issue, but in combination with the bedside potty and how weak she is, it totally drained her physically and lost her body temp. By the time I saw her this morning, she didn't even recognize me. She could barely talk. Her body temp had gotten to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I finally had them get her back into bed with the body warmer, and it has taken all day to warm her to 95 degrees. She recognizes us now. She can eat again, but it was totally frustrating. The day could have been better utilized for her betterment, but this is what we got. In the midst of this, Konner had been down on 1NW, she gave me a message that I should go down and get a massage. This was exactly what I needed. I got to unload some of my frustrations and relax. Praise God! Timing is really everything, and it must be God's timing.

The NIH Clinical Center has a trip to the National Christmas Tree tonight. Tracy, Konner, Kassidy, cousin Anna, Karly and Zach are going. I hope that they enjoy the outing and time away. The boys and I are holding vigil in Kelsey's room. Trent gave Kelsey a nice head massage. What good brothers she has!

I didn't do my usual devotional this morning, but Kelsey has a different one in her room. I just happened to pick it up tonight as we are chilling in her room. It is very reflective of the day. It said that when you are feeling sad, Jesus wants you to anticipate feeling joyful again. I had just said today that I can hardly stand feeling the joy and excitement that we experienced yesterday to only have the opposite today. Then I said, ..."maybe I shouldn't get so excited." I don't mean living in sadness. I don't do that. I have a lot of joy...I mean the extremes. It went on to explain how productive pain and struggles can be when you trust in Jesus. I know this to be true. But then it said it is like when a woman is going through labor pains and wondering when it will end, then the end result is a newborn baby. Kelsey was very much like a newborn today...all bundled up, smiling, and looking so adorable. Trent was telling her how she was like a cute baby all day. So no matter what is happening on earth, there is boundless joy in His presence. It sure does put perspective back in my day.


  1. Please read the message I sent you on FB a couple weeks ago and compare it to the blog you just wrote..I think you will find an uncanny confirmation there…Still standing on God's promises for you all!

    Jackie Dorman

  2. Tammy,

    I haven't read your blogs for a few days. I was excited to hear how well Kelsey was doing and then sad for the day today. We continue praying for Kelsey and your family. It was neat to read your perspective on this situation and Christmas. I'm glad you are together as a family and you are sleeping better with Tracy staying with Kelsey at night. I think about Kelsey daily.

    Still praying for a miracle!

    Tina Fradenburgh