Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 40

Her body temp has fallen to 93 degrees. There are a number of possible reasons for this. The best one for now is the brain infection. She remains under a bubble type pad that inflates with warm air, then is covered with warm blankets. She has asked better questions today, noticed when everyone is gone opposed to everyone watching her, and has enjoyed her baby and pureed foods. Although we don't know everything going on with her medically, we feel as though mentally she is making progress. They will be repeating the Lumbar Puncture and brain MRI later this week. We don't think we will see much, but the trend going down would be encouraging. Still asking for a miracle. Still seeing something that doctors couldn't predict, still have much faith, trust, and hope for her future.

The Children's Inn continues to be a place of refuge for us. We can be together for meals. There are so many cool activities for the kids. They did cupcake decorating one night before dinner was served. They have seen Santa several times. But, hey, they are kids and need to have their minds taken off of the serious stuff. They saw a mini version of the Nutcracker at the Inn, some are getting to go to the Redskins Stadium for a behind the scenes tour and lunch, others are just enjoying Rock Band & Build-a-Bear activities. Karly is getting most of her health appointments this week, so she will be refueled for 3 weeks. Grandma is still a huge help. I am sure she is getting her exercise between the walks to and from the hospital, trying to find the little girls, fixing meals, laundry, and whatever else she sees that needs done.

People from the Inn, our doctors and ICU nurses, nurses from 1NW, family, and friends from home are doing everything to keep us sustained. We appreciate it all. We certainly feel the prays and feel loved. It really chokes me up sometimes. A great big thank you from a grateful family!


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