Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 36

Let's just start with the jumping up and down good news! We got the results of the lumbar puncture showing significant reduction in the white blood cells. This confirms what we are seeing in Kelsey's respiratory and heart rates. When they gave us this news it was tainted with the news that they are seeing something new in the lungs, however, it still needs to be confirmed. They are going to repeat the CT scan tomorrow. If it looks the same as today, they are going to do a bronchoscopy. This makes everyone a bit nervous, because it means anesthetic. The MRI is holding new disease. We are getting our miracle! We have so many hurdles and such a long road ahead of us. She is still so critical and weak and sick, but we are headed in the right direction. The drugs she's on have such great risks, and her condition is rocky. Her organs, bowels, kidney, pancreas, liver, lungs, brain are all in some state of being not normal. The main goal right now is to keep the course. The brain is still the #1 concern. All other concerns are falling in the wake, but not being ignored. For instance, we have recommendations for the bowel issue. She is at risk now for a rupture. We pray that the easy fixes will work. So for all the above areas mentioned, pray for normalcy to return without any complicated drugs, tubes, surgeries, etc. Pray for all cells damaged during this infection be restored. We still need a miracle. Now, I just found out she has some bladder virus? I'm not sure what this is. Waiting for the doctor to come in and explain it to me. OK, he stopped in and for now it is another thing to just watch. WOW! I was saying to Tracy during dinner(by the way Steph made another good meal for us tonight)(What a blessing!) that what I would like to see when I walk over tomorrow is a complete full blown healing. Kelsey perfectly normal. We just can't get too overwhelmed with all of this. We are still living one day at a time. There was a puzzle started in the family room just outside Kelsey's room which has now been completed. Every time the boys get kicked out of her room for whatever reason, they head to the family room. They just got another 1000 piece puzzle to start tomorrow. Steph is making good headway on her next knitting project. We had two visitors today. Kelsey's Uncle Ridge was at Navy Medical today so crossed the street to say hello. A long time friend Rebecca Ewert who is going to school just a couple metro stops from here came by. It is always good for her to have visitors. It really was fun to catch up. The boys want the computer to watch a video series Steph brought, so I'm signing off for now.


  1. Walking in the valley of the shadow shadow shadow of death, He is with you, comforting you, providing for you.

  2. We're praying many times a day. May God strengthen and uphold you all, may His presence be tangible to you, and "may He work in us what is pleasing to Him through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever." (Hebrews) ~ Bonnie S.

  3. You don't know me....but I had Mr. Koch for math in 5th grade at Monroe Central many moons ago! I've been following your story and want you to know you're getting prayers from our family as well and I am so happy to hear the good news today!

    In prayer,
    Molly (Swank) Day

  4. Just wanted to let you all know that we are still lifting you all before the Father. Healing and grace come to mind the most while I'm praying. Please know that you are not forgotten. I'll keep on praying for His healing balm...