Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 35 pm

Everyone but Tracy and Alex went back to the Inn for a Holiday Party & Cookie Decorating. It was nice to sit down and be waited on for dinner by the Children's Inn Board prepared by the NIH Fellows with staff helping as well. We gathered up plenty of food for the boys to take to the hospital. As you can tell by the picture, dessert was gingerbread cookies with the creating taking place by us. Karly, hands down, was the best cookie decorator. Even though she cannot eat the cookie she took it and created a delicious specimen for her dad. Trent, on the other hand, planned on dumping as much icing on the cookie and then give it to dad to eat. He said let you all decide. She has been sleeping since we've come back. She had been feeling some pain in her right rib/liver area today and then tonight. They gave her some dilaudid. This is of concern because she hasn't had pain since we've been in the ICU, at least not any she had complained about. I'm sure there will be more investigating tomorrow. I pray for a peaceful, restful night. I pray that we may find Jesus in everything tomorrow.


  1. Hmm. Though Trent made quite a splendid effort (I especially like the crowd of marshmallows--it adds a nice touch,) I believe Karly takes the cake for the best decorated cookie. Haha. :p

    Still praying for you all! Don't lose hope! :]

  2. Looks like fun, guys!! Enjoy yourselves...much love... Dad Sprowl

  3. Trent has a thing with doubling-up cookies, I've noticed. (He does this all the time at robotics!) haha.

    I'm so glad to hear things are going even a little bit better than earlier in the week. Continuing to pray for you and keeping you all in my thoughts.