Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 52

She was on a roll today. Grandma came in this afternoon. She looked at Grandma and out of the blue said that she had seen Grandpa last night. She proceeded to say that he was singing with the Angels. She said that he was happy, very happy. She said he looked good and sounded good. Mom praised the Lord. It was truly an amazing thing to watch Kelsey as she was speaking these things and see the smile on her face. I'm going to have my mom share from her perspective what happened. "When Kelsey said she had seen Grandpa, I first wondered if she remembered he had died and responded 'You saw Grandpa?' She repeated what she had seen and then I told her that it was one year ago today that he died. She didn't know that but I told her it was a message to me from God that she had delivered, and we all shed some tears." Grandma was wanting new memories and this one is one she will never forget. Sometimes she records things to help her remember, but this one is forever imprinted in her mind. Kelsey said that when she was "out of it" last night Jesus had told and shown many things. She said that many of them she couldn't put into words, but that the one about Grandpa was one she could. In fact she didn't share it with me all morning. It wasn't until Grandma walked in that the message was delivered to the one who needed to receive it. The Lord truly works in amazing ways with amazing timing. This story is too good to not repeat, so we are singing praises and want you to share this with us.
Love, Mom

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