Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 31

I was unsure what to say the last couple of days. She remains the same since Friday's seizure. She hasn't said too many words. When she does say something, it is barely audible. She occasionally will smile. She certainly gives puckering lips to smooch. She is shaking, sweating, and breathing heavily. She has been on oxygen since Friday. They took it off today while she was sitting in a chair. She seems to understand what I'm talking about, just won't answer questions. She will nod and get big eyes in response to some things. Medications are being adjusted constantly to maintain status quo. All the teams will be back for rounds tomorrow. She will be getting CT of lungs and MRI of brain to keep an eye on both infections this week. Other than that, who knows. Please pray that every day we get some good news toward her healing.

Stephanie Cullison Stein, a lifelong friend of Kelsey's, came today. I think that as the week passes Steph will be able to help with physical therapy and massage. I also think she will be able to stimulate her brain. I pray that God uses her in a mighty way.

It has been a stable weekend, so Praise God. Tyler celebrated his 21st birthday today. He was able to see Josh McDowell on campus today. I told him that his dad and I saw him when we were in college too. I wonder if that made him feel old. It didn't faze me:)
Thanks to all who made his day special.

The Gingerbread Houses are displayed for the next couple of weeks. Different floors make elaborate houses with a variety of themes. We vote for our favorite. I took pictures of my three favorites for Kelsey to vote on. I will show them to her everyday and make a tally as to her favorite. There were carolers by the display yesterday when I took Kelsey down there in her wheelchair. It is festive here. I love that.

I'm a bit numb, maybe tired so am not really feeling too many emotions right now. Maybe because the weekend was fairly quiet. Please pray for a highly encouraging week full of grace and mercy AND HEALING POWER!


  1. I read your blog everyday. I pray for you guys several times a day. I hope you can rest in hope. Rest in the Lord. We are holding you up. May God continue to send your daily bread. Whatever you need each day. Step by step.

    In Love- Julie Farber

  2. The Sprowls are praying for sure. Infinite Love, Great Grace, Everlasting Mercy, and Miraculous Healing to Kelsey. p.s. I took the liberty to call Tyler and sing "Happy Birthday" to him last night after he attended Josh McDowell. Not sure if he was amused or scared after my rendition. LOL Blessings to you all... -Loren Sprowl

  3. Tammy,
    My heart is heavy for you. Your endurance is a testimony of God's constant presence. My mother's heart cries that you must see such suffering in your babe. My spirit soars because I know God heals. My spirit is quickened with confirmation of how you and your family have handled this crises over and over. You have been fired and all have come out as shiny gold to the community. Those without faith are wondering how you can endure so much. Those with faith know. Because of our Lord Jesus, you and Kelsey and family will be forever in His hands because you have prepared your heart and exercised your spirit before the crises. You have taken time to worship in the good times and that has prepared you for these times. God will honor your stand. He is present. Hold on and know that I and so many others are continually asking the Father to give you and Kelsey whatever you need. I know you are his sheep for which He cares deeply. Sending love and hugs. Sandi

  4. Praying X 3 X 3. I watched Tracy practicing with the 1st graders today at school for the musical. It was fun to see him amoung all those little people. I know his heart is with you and his precious child. Your family has inspired us to go forward, to be more thankful and more patient. Thanks for all the blogs and updates.
    We continue to send warm thoughts and many prayers.
    God Bless..... Jana, Chad & Ruby-kathleen