Monday, December 27, 2010

Hey all,
It's dad here. It's 11:10 at night. About every 10 minutes Kelsey wakes up, pushes down the covers, and wonders where she is and what is going on. The nurse just checked her again, 34.9 degrees Celsius. It is quite crazy trying to re-explain this adventure and the healing she needs. I love to watch her beautiful trusting eyes all night long. When her temp is up, she shows promising signs of rejuvenation in her short term memory. But when she is cold, she really doesn't know anything about what has happened or where she is at. Still she takes it in stride telling the nurses this is crazy etc.
Today has been a day of discovery with the ever changing issues she faces. We deal with each on as we know how and we wait for her immune system to take on some of the load. I try and trust that God will give me the confidence to go home and continue the norm this family needs while mom and her wrestle with the patience of her healing. It is hard to come to grasps with. Please pray for a breakthrough for this. Still holding on to her complete healing with total confidence but timing is so screwy here, now.

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