Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 44

Last night she had a few bumps with a reaction to the platelets which hasn't happened for about a month. Her eyes and lips swelled. Her feet itched. They think that her new immune system may have recognized part of the platelets as foreign. They have made a plan for the next time. Fortunately, Tracy was spending the night and noticed it. Of course her body temp is hard to keep steady. It seems as though we spend all day trying to get it back to normal after it drops at night. But,the good news is that we are able to get it back to normal. She had some good awake times today. She ate some broccoli with margarine, baby food peaches and pears, and 1 chicken finger. She is so much fun, and she purposely kids around with us. I cannot tell you how many nicknames she has given Tyler, but this is typical, and they all make us laugh. Her Aunt Debbie and cousin Deana came yesterday with cousin Hannah's prayer journal. Debbie read this entry to her. She remains aware of all things pertaining to Jesus and her faith. Debbie took Konner and Karly back to Hughesville for the weekend. They were going to the play at the theater called "It's a Wonderful Life". Tracy, the boys, and I went shopping for 4 hours. Didn't accomplish much in the traffic, but did OK. Grandma and Kassidy stayed with Kelsey. Karly's beau, Zach, flew in today. Tracy picked him up from the airport. He will be with us till Thursday, then back again after Christmas for awhile. Alex returns on Tuesday until Jan.2. My brother and family drove from Indiana today. They were able to have a very good visit with Kelsey this evening. It is always hit or miss catching her awake AND talkative, so I was so happy they saw the fun Kelsey. It is so hard to prepare for Christmas here and get organized with so little space and little time. However, it will be just what it needs to be, so no worries. The kids understand.

The devotional today was so awesomely perfect. It spoke about a persistent problem that should be viewed as a rich opportunity. A year ago that is exactly what I used the time for. An opportunity for so many things...learning, growing, relationship building, trusting, greater faith, less control, and contentment in the situation. I became more thankful and believe it or not grateful not for the cancer but for the situation. The problem had no power over us and our thankfulness flowed, not only to God but to all of you. Our hearts were opened wider. It forever changed the relationships between each family member. When Sharyll posted about what does a cancer patient wish for it is true "to be well". This year finds me stronger facing more of the same, but feeling as though I've actually learned a few things from last year. People seem to think that it must be awful to be here away from home. Actually, it is quite an awesome place. It feels like a place of refuge at the Inn. I have learned most of the ropes here, know a lot of people who make me feel at ease, I can be myself, and really don't want for anything(except to get her well). I sorta know how to get to places if I need to. Thank goodness I have this laptop from last year. I use it everyday to keep in touch with family, friends, for bills, maps, medical terms, diseases, movies, and more. It is a blessing. Mom has been a huge blessing. Without her, I would probably be a bit frustrated and tired. I only want to be here with Kelsey. I am so glad that Tracy spends the night. It helps me rest a lot easier. We are still seeing gains with her brain. I would call today a good day because they were able to keep her steady for much of the day. She remains so sweet and occasionally that sassy girl comes out too. So much fun!
It is late, and hubby wants to sleep, so I'm off to the Inn for night.

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