Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 39

Today is about the same, although she has graduated to pureed foods like baby food and applesauce. She is also doing a bit of arguing about getting out of bed to potty. She thinks this is bull. These are good signs, I think. One of the nurses sister's made her an awesome poster of her life since high school. It now hangs on her wall in clear view for Kelsey to see. Everything else is a battle with maintaining her body. My thoughts today brought me to why we decided to go forward with the transplant. There were no good options because Dock 8 is a deadly disease. Kelsey hadn't been living a life other than just being alive. She knew without doubt that this transplant would give her a chance to live a more normal life. I cannot imagine that God would let her quality of life be worse than when we started. We all realize that this is possible, but are still standing on a miracle. We do not even try to imagine what this will look like, but are holding on to our hope. As for the future with Karly, the transplant is still our only option, for now. Much discussion and further planning will go on before we start this, and we will wait on God's timing and peace. The ultimate match is still what we are looking for. Cord blood is still available for her, but a match would be so much better. Please pray for these areas as well. Meanwhile, we are working to keep Karly stable in all aspects. There is not any doubt that this scares her, but she is as strong as Kelsey in faith and trust in God. Please, O please continue to pray. Alex left today so please pray for him during his travels and for peace as he is away from Kelsey. I cannot stand to be away for long, so I know it will be tough for him. Kelsey needs each area of her body touched by healing. We are rejoicing in the miracle we have seen so far. We ask for more every day.


  1. Remember the truth! Let it guide your mind. You and Tracy continue to walk in obedience to the Father. You will continue to hear "This is the way, walk in it." We continue to stand with you for a miracle. Everyday has been one.

    love to you all,

  2. We are still praying fervently for Kelsey all through the day and even the night when we wake up. We won't stop. Thank you for letting us know specific needs so that we can pray more specifically.

    Here's a link to a short blog post that I think you will find especially comforting right now. It is called "Jesus is with Her". This 16-year old girl just received a cord blood transplant for leukemia. (She is now home with her family.)

    With love in Christ,

    Denise R. from Texas