Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 25

WOW, we are in ICU again. Another serious condition has come about. It is weird how you can look back at something that's happened and when it didn't make sense at the time, it does now. Yesterday, Kelsey commented between ins and outs of consciousness and puking, that there were a multitude of words that were buzzing through her brain making her nauseous. It didn't make any sense, but I knew it meant something. It was just too weird. This morning I was called around 7:00ish to come over because she was disoriented. She sure was. Her sodium was low, blood pressure high, fingers tips still purple, nausea & fever present. She was moved to ICU and will remain here until her electrolytes stabilize. Her morning consisted of chest x-ray, head CT, MRI of brain, echo-cardiogram, EEG of brain, lumbar puncture, 2 biopsies of fingers, another mid-line pic put in. A lot of IV medications being pumped in. The diagnosis came is as suspected. It is a viral infection of the brain. It was also present in her spinal fluid. It is found in the memory part of her brain. She knows me, herself, most of her doctors, not where she is or what is going on, she knows what a pencil is, and stuff. She doesn't know what year it is, sometimes she knows her birth-date. You cannot believe most of what she says because she doesn't know what is going on. She told the doctors that she had a good day yesterday. She ate 3 different kinds of breakfasts this morning. She talked with Karly this morning. NOT It is hard to watch. Fortunately, she has said the cutest things. I thought of how much fun Trent would have with this. The two of them would be hilarious together. We have hugged and smiled at each other a lot today. This is a serious situation that will take a long time to treat. She has had a few small seizures where she just quits speaking mid-sentence. They started an anti-seizure drug. This is one thing they are quite concerned with. They don't want to see a seizure that is difficult to stop or where she has to be intubated. Their fingers are crossed, but we have prayer. They cannot give me a prediction on anything. They say that each patient reacts differently. So once again, we cannot look any further than tomorrow. I am grateful for each day I have with her.


  1. You all are a wonderful testimony to residing in the arms of Jesus. Continuing to pray. Love, Joann

  2. Tammy, I just wanted you and Kelsey to know that I have not stopped praying for her or your family. When one of my daughters read this post we stopped right then and prayed and will continue to do so. My husband has a very aggressive case of MS and at times he has had what doctors would call psychosis. It is very scary. I want you to know that he has come out of it each time. One time it took a couple of months and lots of therapy but the brain is an amazing organ. Just keep living in each moment and don't worry about the future. You know that the Lord already knows how this is all going to work out. He has Kelsey in the palm of His hand and beneath the shadow of His wings. Nothing will happen to her that He has not ordained or allowed.

    Father in heaven, we praise your holy name. You are perfect in all your ways. You are all- powerful, all-knowing, and all-seeing. Kelsey's days have already been ordained ahead of time. Lord, we pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you will heal Kelsey of this virus that is affecting her brain and may it not progress any further. Fully restore her memory. We pray that you will heal each and every infection and fungus in her body. We pray that this transplant will work. Father, we pray that you will defeat this Dock8. Bind Satan where Kelsey and her family are concerned. We rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord, may Tammy and Kelsey each one feel your presence there with them. May your light so shine through them that others may see their good works and praise your name. I pray that the gifts and callings upon Kelsey's life will be fulfilled and that you will be given the glory for each one of them. Give Kelsey and Tammy rest, peace and comfort tonight and tomorrow. Lord, we pray that your will be done in all these things. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

    With love in Christ,

    Denise R. from Texas

  3. I am here in prayer for you all!! We serve a mighty and powerful God who in His wisdom created the heavens and the earth who cares for the birds and flowers of the field. I have full confidence in His care for Kelsey and his comfort for your family. I have so much respect for you all and the honest transparent communication with us all. Our family loves you and stand in faith with you. -Loren Sprowl