Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 36 am

She is still breathing easier & easier to wake up. She is still very critical, however, we are encouraged that these new signs are showing an improvement in her condition. The lumbar puncture is over, so we should have results back by the end of the day. The MRI of brain is this afternoon and should have results for that by the end of the day. As always, giving platelets, blood, insulin, blood pressure med, seizure med, GSF shots, hydration, and electrolytes as needed...constant adjusting going on to keep everything stable. All the big dog drugs are on board. Carefully watching all organs; bowels are posing a bit of a problem so everyone is discussing what can safely be done not to rock her condition. She had a persistent area of pain yesterday, so if we signs that it is bothering her today, then more scans will be done. The waiting is really tiring. It is like hurry up God, but don't we know that God uses every situation to teach and train us. The devotional today was just what I needed to hear for me today. It is very cool that each word of God is useful to us individually in our own circumstance. It is everything to know that He cares and loves us. We feel cared for and loved each day. I am confident that this is His plan. May we walk in faith and trust all through this day.

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  1. Tammy,

    Glad your family is with you. I check your blog several times a day. We continue to pray for Kelsey and your family.

    Enjoyed seeing pictures!!

    Tina Fradenburgh