Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Daddy post

I just had to discuss just how wonderful the Lord is during our latest Maryland nightmare. I could say so much about the uncertainty, the fear, the stress, the challenge and the confusion on my part. But then I would have to mention the instigator of those areas. Let me instead tell you about the Lord's grace and peace.

The first day I arrived here, my prayer was "show me what I was to see." I saw a gasping struggling daughter struggling for her life against a pretty scary unknown situation. But immediately upon my arrival, the consistency of her failing began to show signs of God's relief I can only portray as miraculous. So as we viewed small successes overrun with massive attacks, I began to pray that God would daily show me some sort of progress. I tell you, it is incredible just how specific God answers prayer. First one thing would stabilize, then another, and as new issues would materialize, still little blessing would speak to my spirit. Signs of breathing stabilization, clear conversations with Kelsey when none of the doctors could find her coherent. Little short term memory victories.
Oh, this battle is not yet over, but my how there seems to be hope in so many places that I struggled to understand how she could possible survive and then following those times, how will she ever have a valid life, and then just how would she ever return to her normal abilities. As I continue to believe that we have a God of healing and restoration, please understand that my confidence in God's ability never failed but now I have been bolstered into a new hope that my hopes and my desires are truly His. Please keep agreeing with me that our God can rock any world situation and does indeed meet all of our needs according to the riches in His glory.

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