Tuesday, November 17, 2015

After the bilateral renal angioplasty...

Karly's Bilateral Renal Angioplasty went so much better this time in terms of pain. The pain is what she was dreading the most. The doctor came in, and we shared how much pain she was in during the procedure in March 2014. He said he couldn't do much about it, because they needed her alert to take deep breaths at certain times... but he would try. I guess that meant she would be pretty alert. Well, Praise Jesus, all was accomplished, alert enough to take deep breaths and pain free enough to be happy about it. Her recovery went well...6 hours flat on her back...not much pain...only when they pushed on it. Her problems came later. Karly's adrenal glands don't work and haven't for years. We literally give her the adrenaline her body needs. Going into the procedure she must have an elevated dose so her body won't go into shock. Saturday went well until her body needed more adrenaline. She had a bad headache, nausea, vomiting, little appetite, was weak and very fatigued. After speaking to her NIH doctor Sunday morning, we gave her another elevated dose. She felt a little better again, but all symptoms still present. Yesterday she was still about the same. Tonight, we have seen a little break through. Now she is just taking her normal dosing. The next issue we found was her BP came down nicely, but because her body has been acclimated to the high BP, the nice new BP was causing her to feel bad, nauseous, and a whoosh in her head. She was on 4 BP medications. She stopped 2 immediately after the procedure. Her BP this morning before any medications was a little low for her...not most people. Her BP stayed down all day only taking 1 BP medication. She was so used to walking down the hallway and see her BP rise. Now, activity does not make it rise. Praise Jesus! And Praise Jesus she is only on 1 BP drug again. She finally was able to eat a meal tonight. Her body seems to be finally adjusting to the new changes.

We travel to NIH on Monday-Wednesday. She will see an Allergist, Endocrinologists, get vaccines, and get an ECHO to make sure her heart has made it through the last 3 months of high BP and strain. It will be a quick trip(at least we hope so). It will be good to see our special doctors! We always look forward to Christ-led encounters. Please pray for our trip and God's best!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

15 months post-transplant

Karly is doing phenomenal. She is serving our Lord and Savior everyday. She is our beloved daughter. She's an amazing sister. She is Zach's girlfriend.  She is taking 2 classes. She is going to meetings that involve Ball State Cru leadership. She's helping pioneer Cru at Ivy Tech. She is leading a new Small Group at Ivy Tech and is in one at BSU. She is a survivor. She's a miracle. She is thriving! Praise the Almighty Father for the work He he has done and is doing in her life!

I am posting the most recent video explaining briefly some of the journey just before transplant and following transplant.


Her bilateral renal angioplasty is this Friday, Nov. 13 at 9am. Please be praying with us. Her BP is really high without any medication. She is taking 4 drugs to get it down and by morning, she starts all over again. We don't exactly know what we wish to happen, but it is to have God's best. If this angioplasty takes the BP down to normal again, we'd be quite happy. But then, is this a lifetime of angioplasty in her future? If they find that the arteries are not blocked and the cause of this high BP, then what ramifications will she be looking at? We already know that she has Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease at the age of 21. So you see, we really don't know what we wish for, but praying God's will be done. Thank you for praying with us!