Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 59

My days have been so occupied with caring for her, I barely have had time to eat. She has to get up and pee every 5 minutes. I don't let her though, so have to talk her out of it for the next 10 minutes. Then, I let her up after 15 minutes, then start all over again. This is how Saturday went for 12 hours. Today, she only lasted out of bed about 5 hours before her temp dropped. Now, I am struggling with the bed pan, keeping a confused Kelsey from trying to get up, or uncover herself. What a handful she is. We have a good nurse tonight. I pray that I can sleep and not worry about what state she will be in by morning. Time to head off to bed because the nurse has pulled her computer into her room for the night vigil. Keep praying warriors.

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