Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 60

Thankful for a good night nurse last night. Had a great day nurse today and another awesome nurse tonight. Praise God. I will get some rest tonight. She had an awesome day today. She ate some good calories today. Worked on the re-timing of some medications which may allow her up more throughout the day without the constant peeing. One of the major medications is detrimental to the kidney so pre and post hydration is heavy for flushing. If this med can be given when she is already in bed it would work out better for her temp and her productivity out of bed. This will take awhile to get it moved, but it is a step in the right direction. Pray for sleep for both of us tonight. Kelsey didn't sleep at all last night which is usual when her temp is low. She needs a great night tonight. We are in a waiting stage for the immune cells to show up and mature. They saw 1 neutrophil the other day. This should mean there are others. Nothing much will change without the immune system. We really need this to happen soon. To be this extremely neutropenic is dangerous and concerning. Joanna will be arriving tomorrow afternoon. This will be a huge blessing. Pray for her family while she is away...God's provision and blessing for her and her family. Pray she adjusts well to this environment. Pray for safety as she travels. Pray for the Holy Spirit's leading. Thank you warriors. Good night.

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