Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 80

Kelsey had a very peaceful night the last 2 nights. She is remaining pretty stable according to her stats. She is pretty alert mentally, but still not remembering things that have to do with short term memory. I saw some pictures of what they were pulling out of her lungs today. She had one main branch of the lung that was blocked by a huge clot. It was like a finger but twice as long. It was amazing that she was breathing as well as she was. The sticky stuff in her lungs was perplexing and fungus was seen. Pretty much there isn't much else to do except maybe increase dosing which could cause kidney and other issues. The granulocytes and new transplant is what she needs now. She has another swollen area on the back right side of her head. She had CT of head, neck, chest today. They cannot say what is going on with this, but it is another thing to be watched. Tomorrow morning she has a HIDA scan to see what is up or not up with the gall bladder. No one is very excited about doing surgery on her. She should get another round of granulocytes. The packing in her sinus should be removed so she will have her other airway back which she will be very happy about. If all continues well, we hope to be back to 1NW on Monday.

Kelly is doing an outstanding job with the night shift. Pray for her sleep to return. She hasn't been getting very many hours. She awakes alert after 4-5 hours, but knows that this isn't enough. We en!joy some catching up just before I leave in the evening and just before she leaves in the morning. This is a fun time to hear the stories she has shared with Kelsey and of course the happening with Karly and Zach and crews at home. I skyped the kids and Tracy today. It makes Kelsey and I smile when we see their faces and hear what they are doing. Karly, Konner, and Kassidy make faces at Kelsey and she makes them back. It is cute. I am thankful for these small moments. I am thankful for all your prayers for us. It is not by coincidence than we are still surviving and by that I don't mean just breathing. It is by the provision of our God through all of you.

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  1. Glad to hear a good report! Praying for you all and placed Kelsey on my church prayer list, more warriors are praying.
    Jodi K.