Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 63

After 38 days in the ICU, we have arrived back in a new room on 1NW which is across from the nurse's station. She had a busy day in which she dropped her temp until about 9:45pm. Let's see, I was Alex, Katelyn, and her sister today. These are not great times when she goes so far away from reality. I literally have to stay right next to her to keep the warmer completely over her. She gets fidgety and so unaware. I try to be patient and explain the same things over and over again about why this needs to happen and what her job is to stay still under the warmer. It is so comforting when she returns. She has an aid staying in her room with Joanna tonight, but Joanna is the one that knows what to look for after spending 2 nights with her already. She is also the one that Kelsey will listen to and the one that can comfort her. I am hoping and praying for a peaceful first night back on this floor. We are acclimating. I believe everyone at home is acclimating as well. She's had another resistant bug crop up which is a hitch, but being treated. Doctors still don't know how long to wait on her immune system to re-present. This is the best option. I don't relish the thought of Kelsey's body handling more chemo, etc in order to take on more cord cells. This presents so many tricky issues, it is best not to think about. Best is always God's plan. That is what we want to happen. Being patient is the best option. Pray for patience and wisdom. I just don't know what else to say. Come Lord, More Lord!

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