Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 65

After an impromptu MRI, ENT was called to look at her worsening sinuses. Good news at this point was brain looked same, at least not worse. ENT determined that she had some fungal growth which needed immediate action because she is extremely neutropenic and already on a fungal drug. During surgery, they removed the fungus, some polyps, and cleaned things up. The surgeon determined that the fungus was not invasive. They added another fungal drug for coverage. This was good news. She recovered in ICU last night and most of today. We are now back in 1NW. She remains in pain and stomach is upset. She hasn't eaten today or yesterday. Tomorrow she needs to eat. Joanna is doing such an awesome job with Kelsey, so full of patience and understands the issues she needs to control. I know I feel comfortable;I know Kelsey does too. She wouldn't let me leave if I didn't have someone she knows with her. She gave me the pouty lip tonight when I said I was going to leave so compromised that I would stay until her last pill was taken. She has had to stay under the warmer for much longer periods of the day. I hope and pray that this period of time shortens. I am excited about Karly and Carmel arriving tomorrow night. This will be a different routine, but it will all work out well. Pray for safe travels. Pray for stability. Above all else she really needs the immune system to deal with all these infections...bacterial, fungal, and viral. Sorry for the abrupt ending...but time to go sleep.

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