Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 72

My devotional was so perfect again. I am not surprised, rather in awe. It says that I am surrounded by a sea of problems, but that I am to be face to Face with my Father who is my peace. If I gaze too long at the myriad of problems which is what happens when I look too far down the road, I will sink under the weight, BUT if I focus on Jesus, I am safe. Circumstances around me are treacherous-looking waves in the distance. If I fix my eyes on my Father, by the time the waves reach me they will have shrunk to proportions of His design. The future is a phantom, seeking to spook me. Laugh at the future and stay close to Jesus! Just wanted to share this and that today is a good day. Kelsey surprised the neurologists yesterday with remembering the 3 words they ask her to remember each time. This was huge in their eyes and they can say, see it can be done which means there is hope in this area, of course, by medical standards. She was rather alert today, doing Kelsey type things. She has kept temp since the last drop on Thursday. The biggest thing today is the granulocyte transfusion which will be done in the ICU. It may occur around 5:00pm. I'll post on Facebook when it is happening. They want to see a fever meaning it is working. We don't want to see anything else that would cause distress. I am not sure if I mentioned that a good friend, Kelly, will be arriving Tuesday late afternoon for the Tuesday night shift since Joanna is leaving Tuesday morning. This will continue to be a huge blessing. The other night when Kelsey had low temp the aide in the room wanted to take her covers off of her because she was sweating. This would have been awful. Fortunately, Joanna was around to set her straight on what was really happening. This is exactly one of the worries when I am away and exactly why Kelsey needs her advocate around all the time. Also, Kelsey had told me that she always wants to see a familiar face when she wakes up. I get this. It is a proven fact that family and friends are critical in the recovery of very sick patients. When I told the social worker that another friend had stepped into this roll. She teared up. It is really unusual to see this much support, so Praise the Lord it is well seen. Still thanking God and Still in AWE!

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  1. I wanted to share a song that I have just listend to with you.

    Fight like a girl

    Little girl alone on the playground
    Tired of gettin' teased and gettin' pushed around
    Wishin' she was invisible to them
    She ran home cryin', why do they hate me?
    Her mama wiped her tears and said baby
    You're brave and you're beautiful

    So hold your head high
    Don't ever let them define
    The light in your eyes
    Love yourself, give em hell
    You can take on this world
    You just stand and be strong
    And then fight like a girl

    31, she was wheelin' and dealin'
    Kept on hittin' that same glass ceiling
    She was never gonna be one of the boys, no
    She could of gave up on her ambitions
    And spend the rest of her life just wishin'
    Instead she listened to her mama's voice sayin'

    So hold your head high
    Don't ever let them define
    The light in your eyes
    Love yourself, give em hell
    You can take on this world
    You just stand and be strong
    And then fight like a girl

    Oh, with style and grace
    Kick ass and take names

    10 years of climbin' that ladder
    All the power and money don't matter
    When the doctor said, the cancer spread
    She holds on tight to her husband and babies
    And said, this is just another test God gave me
    And I know just how to deal with it

    I'll hold my head high
    I'll never let this define
    The light in my eyes
    Love myself, give it hell
    I'll take on this world
    Yes, I'll stand and be strong
    No I'll never give up
    I will conquer with love
    And I'll fight like a girl

    Your family has been such an inspiration and I continue to keep you all in my prayers!!