Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 71

Today was definitely a better day. My devotional spoke about listening for my Father's voice and heed not the voice of the stranger. Although our doctors are not strangers, they are the voices that I hear everyday telling me this or that news. I do listen because they have proven over and over again how they care for Kelsey and her future. I received many words of wisdom to help me know that it is ok for me to live only in my day. I cannot look to the future or anticipate it. It is really pretty painful looking at all the what ifs that may come. We cannot know her future. We can only know that God has a plan for her. I am back today with only today. Their are many plans looming ahead of us right now, but again it is only a plan, and it may not even come to pass, so we will wait for that to come. The current plans hold granulocyte transfusions for the weeks leading up to the transplant. The nasty brain virus drug has been started to kick that virus as far down as possible before the transplant. There is no more hope for the cord cell transplant to work that is why this drug has been started. Now they are tuning her up with all they can before the next transplant. It looks like it is a go. The donor has reported for the first blood collection to check for virus's and such. Then all the paperwork and scheduling to harvest the bone marrow will need to happen, and Kelsey's new chemo regime needs to be completed. The donor has agreed to go for the bone marrow, and she needs to make it to that point. She won't have to wait for the cells to mature. She will have an increased risk of GVHD. These are the happenings, so please pray how the Spirit leads. She goes to ICU tomorrow afternoon to receive her first granulocyte transfusion. Pray for only the little reaction that they want...just the fever.

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