Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 66

Today's devotional hit the mark with mostly how I'm feeling at this point. First there are many obstacles, so don't be discouraged...never give up. Do not expect the path to be easy. I want this immune system for it seems it would solve so many of Kelsey's issues, but I struggle with knowing that God could and would make this possible, so I have to be patient because His timing of events is sovereign. It is a struggle to keep wanting this and then waiting. The longer we wait, the more we struggle. While I see delay, He sees His will being performed in ways that are not discernible to my eye. What I see as standing still, He sees unfolding. My job is to REST in HIM. He is surely bringing to pass His perfect will in and through this entire situation, and it is doing a unique work in many different lives, as they are touched and affected by the action. I know our God is mighty, and His hand is working a victory!


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  1. Amen
    We Three are still praying x 3
    And YES God is a mighty GOD!

    Jana, Chad & Ruby Kathleen