Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello again,

Yesterday, one of my dear Monroe Central prayer warriors came in my room and was trying to explain the magnitude of the battle she percieved we were in. She was telling me of her sense of the enemy's strong resistance and how we were to keep up our vigilance and maintain our prayer effort. This was a word that cut timely and deep for both Tammy and myself. We see the stagnation of not having an immune system and how this one thing continues to hold up the progress we want. But yet Kelsey has moved out of ICU and things seem like they are going the right direction. But I believe this word is a battle cry much like McClellan at Antietam. Sensing Lee's weakness but licking his own wounds, he refused to attack that final time and Lee slipped away to fight another day. So I am encouraging you all to continue in this "fight"! We have seen so much positive but I believe, and Sarah confirms, that the battle still rages. We could easily let down and the Lord would not be glorified in this. Thanks so much for the persistant efforts I have heard of and the blessing we have recieved.

One final thought comes to mind here. It must have been rather disheartening to Moses when after the Lord had delivered them in Exodus ch.13, then in ch 14, God told them to "turn back and encamp" which then would allow Pharaoh to harden his heart and pursue them. We must let God be God and follow His plan with obedience. It would be easy to leave God out of this equation once there seems to be some relief from the storm.

Thanks again for all that you are doing and continueing to do.


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