Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 67

Things are so complicated with Kelsey. As it turns out the fungus found growing in her sinus is invasive, but just don't know how invasive. The other fungal drug was added so now we're waiting to see the response. Because it is invasive it is extremely dangerous in this extreme neutropenic state. It sounds like she will be getting a granulocyte transfusion. I don't know how complicated this really is, but know a good match is needed. Because of her added resistant bacteria an antibiotic was started last week which may or may not have caused the little white blood cell number we saw to lower. This drug is being changed with hopes that we may see that number increase. With her seemingly more confused state, an LP needs to be done to really determine if this is truly a worsening of the brain virus or just a side effect of the many drugs she's on. The hunt for another donor is under way. So far an unrelated donor is available, but doesn't match as much as they would like. This may be our only choice soon which causes great concern. The plus is that she could get an immune system within a couple of weeks, but then the risk for GVHD is increased. Then we are back to balancing every drug to match the greatest benefit vs. risk. Her case is truly very complicated with great minds working overtime on trying to make the best plan. These are the facts of what we are dealing with, but God is the great healer. This is one of those times when you know that He could instantly heal her, but then know that if He doesn't then Kelsey's story is really going to be a good one. All for His Glory!

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