Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 34

Results are back from biopsy; nothing much to report which is good news. Her abdominal pain is better. I really think it was related to one of the drugs she had to take for a month. Her last dose was Sunday night, and the pain has been okay for 2 days. She has lost 15 lbs, so beefing her up is on the agenda. If all continues to go well overnight, her PICC line will be pulled tomorrow. She still has her trusty port, well she has 2 ports, but the one in her head is only for tapping and chemotherapy. Let's just leave that one alone. She will be able to go on "pass" over the long weekend returning as inpatient on Monday evening. The virus is still at low positive.. better news would be negative next week. They still have some things to "make sure of" before they discharge her. But, again, if all goes well, that could be on Wednesday. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, so still just one day at a time.

We were blessed with our loaner car this week...big shout-out to Valerie and Jim. God Bless You!
We got to see a DOCK8 bone marrow transplant patient(friend) and mom today. It was fun for the girls to talk. I enjoyed getting answers to many questions I've had.

Fam leaves tonight or more accurately tomorrow morning. Pray for safety. Tyler is driving from Chicago to Muncie right now. Dad is getting home from 2 soccer games and still needs to get some sleep. We are very excited. We hope to spend some quality time at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Ridge's house this weekend. Karly has been requesting different foods...chicken legs and thighs, silver queen sweet corn, oven-fried red potatoes, big juicy pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, stir-fried veggies, and some delicious fruit cobbler. Of course, we must have some seafood! That's our challenge for the weekend, to start the beefing-up process. Hope you are reading this Aunt Debbie!

May you all find God in everything you do.

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  1. praying it will be as you described: yummy and fun-filled!