Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 40


Sorry for the delay in posting.We were at my sister's 
all weekend having fun. The family arrived around 
1pm on Friday. We enjoyed the hugs, smooches, 
and smiling faces.




Later that day we decided to go on down to Hughesville. 
Karly wanted some Roadhouse chicken and ribs, so that 
is where we landed for a late dinner before arriving at 
Aunt Debbie's and Uncle Ridge's house.
Tyler Sandwich

Saturday we decided to go to Solomon's Island for 
whatever life was going to hand us. Karly was 
allowed to dangle her feet in the pool, and 
paddleboat with Zach. We just hung out, but really 
the best part was the fresh seafood. We enjoyed 
fresh steamed shrimp and crab legs while Tyler 
tried out mussels for the first time. Looks like 
Hannah and Rachel created a Tyler Sandwich. 
While it was a seafood restaurant, Trent 
commented that his burger was awesome and 
Zach said that his Crab Monte Cristo sandwich 
was one of the best sandwiches he ever had.

Sunday she was pretty tired and her skin GVHD decided to flare which is not comfortable. It is possible when it flares, it flares in her gut also. Anyway, she just rested all day. Food was big on the agenda for the weekend, so we continued with her menu that evening including mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet corn, fruit cobbler, and Uncle Ridge's grilled chicken thighs and legs.

Deb, Hannah, Konner, Tyler and
I went to mall to help Tyler find
some shoes. Looks like we got
distracted which is normal with
my sister. Tyler did get his shoes.

Monday was a day of packing, cleaning up after
ourselves, and of course more food...oven roasted
red potatoes, roasted vegetables, grilled pork chops,
and finishing all the desserts left in the house. As it
turned out, there was a catered Famous Dave meal
at the Inn when we got back. It was a great weekend.

Once back, labs were drawn. She is a little out of whack, but nothing too concerning. Her creatinine is still rising, so it would be awesome to see this come back down and normal would be great. Some other numbers are a little off. She is starting a new drug today that will alter some things. She starts another new drug tomorrow morning. We would like to see some of this be stabilized before going outpatient, but the team is talking about Wednesday or Thursday. She is still doing great! Pray for her to be strong in mind and spirit. She still has a long haul and won't be seeing the family again before she comes home.
Please keep praying that this transplant stays on course.
Thank you everyone!

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  1. Glad u had a great weekend of fun, family, and food. Praying for you all. Love you guys..