Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 18 am

Still waiting on news from biopsy, although they say it might not be conclusive. Conclusive would be awesome. Her headache has increased, taking away the Tylenol because of liver and no Ibuprofen because of kidney/ She is allowed oxycodone but it doesn't work on her headaches. We are trying to get her off the dilaudid for a number of reasons, but they would allow it.

She remained nauseous with increased headache from the Ommaya tap all night. This should subside. Hopefully will have a day filled with calories.

Hot off the presses! Dr came in just now to report that she is 99% donor with 93% lymphocytes which are low in number but will continue to grow. Good news!

This put a huge smile on our faces. We needed some good news today after yesterday. To God Be the Glory!


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