Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 11

I will be glad when this week is over or at least the mucositis is over. Tough watching her suffer all day, and Zach watching all night. She was tanked with pain medicine yesterday which was scary to watch her go purple when she slept. Her oxygen dropped really low and was put on oxygen when sleeping. They reduced the amount but pain level is high. We are still trying to find the happy medium. This is still the normal, and nothing new has cropped up. They are being vigilant. Her BP and other lab numbers are good for her.
Although Konner could almost pass as shaven in this picture, she did not shave her head. Karly was well enough last Tuesday to get it done.
This was taken on Sunday. Her hair was starting to come out, so she wanted it shorter. I love this picture of the two of them. Zach has been awesome at caring for her during the night. She says, "I couldn't do it without him." I don't believe that he could do it apart from her. The next day her hair really started falling out.

We made a decision to not take the church house that was offered to us. It was an older home which needs quite a bit of work to make it safe for her. We currently think we will be at the off campus home that the Inn runs. We have a couple places working on a borrowed car for us. I'm sure that whatever happens car or not, another house or the Inn house, God has already got this. We just take each day as it comes.

Tracy, Trent, Konner and Kassidy will be returning home tomorrow, then the race begins for Tracy. He will settle into some kind of routine. We have done this a couple of other times. Again, just taking things one day at a time.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. We have been doing a lot of that around here. We appreciate our doctors and all our NIH friends who come by daily to visit.


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