Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 9

The mucositis is very painful. We were told to expect this and the next 2 weeks can be awful. TPN(nutrition through PICC line) and PCA(patient pushes button for pain med) will be started. She needs constant drugs through lines including platelets. She reacted to them with mouth swelling. Will try again with benadryl on board. God is in control, so we pray about everything and worry about nothing. Pray for her pain and perseverance. She cannot take meds by mouth, so all of her heart medication will be changing. Pray they get this right. The next 2 weeks are critical, but next few months are an up hill battle.

Tyler left for the airport this morning. Already miss him and the laughter he brings everyday. He was still slightly anemic, but getting better.

Kassidy has been a huge help. She made cake for dessert yesterday. She cooked turkey bacon for breakfast. Just give her a task, even if she never tried it before, and she joyfully completes it.

Konner has had a cough, so she hasn't been able to interact with Karly. We are all wearing masks around Karly just to be safe.

The Children's Inn has a field trip Tuesday, so the girls are going horseback riding. It is a nice diversion for them.

We've had some good nurses over the last few days. Praise God!

Thankful for your prayers and encouraging cards.

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