Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 32

Yesterday was okay. She wanted to go back to the Inn where it was more peaceful and restful. Hoping we will be outpatient soon. Her abdominal pain seems to be worse. It is hard to say exactly. She has been experiencing it for weeks, but when she was on the Dilaudid 24/7, it likely masked some things. Plus she wasn't eating as much, plus she wasn't taking everything by mouth. All these things can muck up sorting it out. This is when they put their heads together and start figuring out the best way to proceed. She was supposed to start Neurotin last night, but the pill is huge meaning she cannot swallow it. We will speak to the Pain Team again today for better pain control. She had 2 things elevated as of yesterday, her amylase and lipase. These are pancreatic enzymes. They will look for a drug reason although we haven't started anything new...just all by mouth. Help Tim J(you know who you are)! If you think of anything let Dr. Freeman know. They may get an Endoscopy this week. We are waiting on the final word. Although this is something we don't like to do, it is better knowing what it is so it can be better so she doesn't stop eating and drinking from the pain. It seems like it always something. Nothing is easy. Pray for wisdom and against unnecessary procedures. Keep praying for these things. The HHV6 is still low positive, so pray it will go negative by next Monday.

The following FB video brought a smile and a tear to my face. Thank you Jessica. We were blessed.

Only 3 more days until we see the fam. We are very excited about this. Oh, I so hope that she will feel well enough to really enjoy this time. Please pray for safety for all the traveling and all those things mentioned above.

Thanks everybody!

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