Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 21

Karly is doing very well. They are gradually moving her off IV forms of the medications to liquid or pill form if small enough for her esophagus to handle. The Tacrolimus will be the last one to move over. It runs 24/7, so once this one is removed from IV, she will be untethered from "Reggie". Today she has a liver ultrasound and MRI of her Brain. Her liver counts are getting better. The HHV6 still came back positive with a slightly higher number, but for all such purposes those numbers could be the same. It does tell us the virus is there and low in number. They are being cautious so will continue to tap her Ommaya port on Mondays and Thursdays until it doesn't seem to be an issue. The tapping causes Karly anxiety, pain, and nausea. The sooner this can stop the better. Please pray for these issues. I guess the hand wringing will continue, but continue to pray that the results come back NEGATIVE next week. She will also be getting a MRA of her arteries to see if in fact these issues will reverse after the transplant. We are expecting they should reverse. The ECHO of her heart will also be next week, so hoping to see a better working heart and get off some of those medications. All in all, her reports are good and where she should be on Day 21. Continue to pray for those bumps in the road to flatten and our path will be straight.
We are the Lord's and He is our strength!

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  1. Wow 3 weeks. Praise God. We keep agreeing with you all for a complete healing. We ask for a peaceful growth of new cells and a complete removal of all old cells and no rejections. I am in awe today that God knows each one of us. He is gentle and loving. He lovingly moves us to be more like Him. We see Him in you and through you. To God alone be the Glory! So many are praying. I may not write often, but know we lift you all up daily.
    Blessings and Love,