Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 25

Sunday turned out to be a pretty good day and to top it off, Aunt Debbie brought fresh steamed shrimp dipped in garlic margarine. Karly enjoyed that immensely. Karly and Deana ditched Deb and me on our walk exploring campus. Karly couldn't stay very stealth with her noisy "Reggie" wheeling around.

Monday was another not so good day...more of the gurgling stomach, feeling nauseous, and headache. They removed the PCA(patient controlled pain medication) to IV push as needed. She went for her MRA, but was light-headed and too nauseous to get into the machine. It wasn't that important to do right now. Actually, I was relieved to have it postponed. I had felt that the timing wasn't right for her. I thank God for not having to do it yesterday even at the expense of her feeling bad. Her tap went well, but we won't have those results until later today or tomorrow. She felt better in the evening regaining her ability to eat, and she slept pretty well last night.

I think one of the medications they moved to oral was causing her stomach issues. It was moved back to IV, so we will see how this goes. There are still many others that could also be causing this, so we will continue to watch and change as needed. Her TPN will be removed I think today and moving her to oral Tacrolimus. This means she will no longer be attached to "Reggie". This is a great milestone. Pray she will be able to maintain good levels of all her medications and labs throughout this process. Pray that her cultures yesterday remain negative. Pray the HHV6 and all other viral infections are negative.

She is doing great. She is so strong and courageous. We thank Jesus for His faithfulness, His unfailing love, His trustworthiness. We thank Jesus for you, your encouraging words, cards, and prayers.


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