Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day 15

Her ANC is over 3000 today...meaning last night of the shot..meaning all the bruises on her arms can start to heal. Since this is an artificial boost, they expect it to drop down, but not so much to cause any problems. The mucositis continues to get better. She is still on a large dose of Dilaudid through a PCA, but they expect this to improve over the next week. She is starting to drink again and eat a little like jello. She says, "Today I am so thankful for how on course this transplant has been. Through all the prayers I have been blessed by, everyday of this has gone just as planned. In fact, I think things are going better than I ever expected. I am happy to report that things are starting to feel a bit better, pain hasn't been too tough, and white blood cell numbers are continuing to improve. Praising God for everyday!"Continue to pray for No BUMPS in the road ahead. She is only Day 15, so maybe another 2 weeks inpatient, then another 60-70 days outpatient, hoping for shorter but patient for whatever.

Grateful for peaceful days like today. Pray for peaceful nights and restful sleep. I have conversations that bring up Kelsey's transplant fairly often. Sometimes, it leads to trying to find an understanding or mastery to what happened...all the mysteries that have been unexplained. Of course, this is a battle in my mind. And gratefully, always ends up with the same realization: God has instructed us to trust Him and not in our understanding. I love to figure things out and solve problems, so it is something I must be careful with as that could be a focus that consumes me. Thankfully, God has taught me so much about this, and I am free of the consuming nature of it. I am so grateful for God's grace and mercy..for His loving character and faithfulness to us. May you find this in the storms of your life.

We are dancing through the rain.

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