Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good news this morning...then

We started the day with good news. The doctors cannot say for sure that she is on her way to engraphment, but it is looking good. By Friday, if the counts continue to rise, they will say she has engraphed. The infectious disease doctor was just in and he says that this is the 6th cord blood transplant they have done and that this is a record as far as her counts reaching the level they are by day 6. The bad news is that she has a fever again. This could mean one of two things. She has infection in her lungs or sinuses that isn't being covered by the two major-hitting antibiotics, the antivirals, or the fungal. I suppose she would be put on another drug. The other thing would be engraphment syndrome. It is more likely this. This would have the same symptoms as an infection so a ruling out process would begin. At this point she's had a chest x-ray. It will go symptom by symptom. Just keep praying. People are noticing how well she is doing. Her last nurse stopped in just before leaving and was telling us that as she was sitting outside our room she kept noticing all the famous doctors that they never see going in and out of Kelsey's room. It made her smile and get a kick out of it. This is really good news that we have such awesome doctors. Her head pain and nausea have been better. She is tired. Thank you for your encouragement. We are not alone. We do not feel alone.

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