Saturday, November 6, 2010

A tough 24 hours...

Cell day went well, even the next day was going pretty well. She took a shower, but upon exiting, she was in severe head pain and nauseous. She finally got some narcotics, but didn't help much. Not much of anything was working. She spiked a fever. Blood cultures were drawn from both lines and the port. Strong antibiotic was started. Continued monitoring, a lot of fluid given. By morning, there was a second spike of fever and her blood pressure was too low. They sent her to ICU this morning. At ICU, her fever was down, the blood pressure was stabilizing from all the fluids but remaining low. Soon thereafter, first of the blood cultures were back confirming what the suspicion was...staph aureus in the blood or sepsis. A plan was made, more antibiotics on board, CT followed, new line placed, old line pulled. She is finally semi-coherent after 24 hours. I believe the plan is working. Sister Debbie traveled to NIH this afternoon, found me in the waiting room, brought a sandwich and waffle fries, and stayed with Kelsey while I received a well needed shower. So upon returning to the ICU unit, I find Kelsey awake and able to talk. Debbie was sitting in the one and only chair, so we asked the nurse to bring in another one. She did. But Debbie said that she'd keep the comfy one and that the other one was mine. Well, the nurse found an even more deluxe chair and wheeled it in also. This one was quite deluxe equipped with head rest, able to recline, tray table, and drink holder. So, Debbie confiscated that one. I took a picture, but have not been able to download it yet. Anyway, it caused laughter with us, the nurses, and other onlookers on the floor. In fact, a nurse came in and commented about how happy we were. I said that is just the way we are; we will find happiness whatever the situation. We are not a "woe is me family". This situation is fearful, yet we knew it could happen. I didn't think we would end up in ICU. I am getting a lot of encouragement and reminders and prayers. We feel confident with the treatment. We feel confident in our decisions. Thank you Jesus! Just as a side note and another piece of laughter, Kelsey has a green chin and chest from the antiseptic used for line placement. Debbie said it was the color of the wicked witch of the west. Kelsey said it reminded her of the I Love Lucy story where Lucy asked the doctor what was wrong with her. He said, "You have the goblutz." Lucy says, "What does that mean?" He says, "I'm going to have to remove your zortch." I really don't know what that has to do with anything except it is playful and fun. Laughter is the best medicine. Thank you Jesus that we can laugh in the midst of crisis. Thank you church for all the prayers. They are sustaining.


  1. Thanks for sharing. So glad to hear you find things to lift your spirits. Time to get a green lightbulb. Then you can tease Kelsey her eyes are going too. God bless you all.


  2. Love, prayers, blessings, and peace in Jesus name. Thank you for your testimony.