Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 14

This morning was a rough one. Her fever started at 100.6 rose to 102 with Tylenol, bad head pain, and platelets low. They drew all necessary blood cultures. The line had been pulled last night, so it most likely released some bacteria into her system. The incision itself was infected. They premedicated her before the platelets, however, she had a reaction. It started with an itchy tongue, the lips, palate, inner ears, and body. They added more benadryl and stopped the infusion. She recovered within an hour to only have to go get sedation for the pic line. Now, call us nuts, but I had been rubbing her head throughout all of this and her hair was a matted mess. She said to just cut it all off.(not the first time she asked for this) So when the nurse stepped out for something, I grabbed the scissors and chopped it off within an inch of her scalp. She really was quite relieved. Then, the next moment she left, Kelsey wanted it washed which only took a minute. We had it toweled off just in time to wheel her to Interventional Radiology. All went well with the procedure, and she slept most of the afternoon. Her neutrophils have indeed fallen to 750, so the shots will begin again tonight...maybe every other night, who knows.

I am still planning on leaving tomorrow for the weekend. Alex is coming Friday night and staying with her. Of course, we cannot have another morning like today. Tyler doesn't have mono. Still sick but seems to be improving. He's going to be in Muncie on Saturday. Karly and Konner have their volleyball banquet Saturday night. Whole family including grandma is going. I am excited for them. It was Konner's first year, and we had no idea that Karly would be able to even play a season this year. She did extremely well. I was telling her physical therapist out here about her awesome serve. I believe I saw a hint of pride...not really, but great excitement anyway. Can't wait to hear about the evening.

One of the things we have no idea about nor need to know is how long any of this will last. We do know that it is different for everyone. We cling to Jesus moment to moment; He enables us to persevere. Thank you for lifting us up to our Father!

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