Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 19

Everyday starts with a migraine and concern over such. Kelsey texts me this morning and says, "I need my mommy." The rash is the same. The dilaudid and oxycodone don't cut it, so they are working on a better drug. Since the transplant the head pain has been much worse. Several thoughts come into play...drug related(from anti-rejection drug), sinuses(but look better), brain issue, meningitis has to be ruled out so performing all of the tests that come with ruling things out. The rash can be related to several things, but 2 most likely causes are Graft vs. Host Disease or reaction to the IV antibiotic. Again, it is more a ruling out process. A skin biopsy was taken this afternoon. The nasal wash is still pending. We are still waiting on the news about the chimerism. We are hoping for the Spanish cord to have a majority of cells present, but are not opposed to the German cord either just as long as it isn't Kelsey's cells. She received her immunoglobulins today which went well. Except for her liver counts which are still rising, her counts are just where they need to be at this day into the transplant. She is mostly just worn out and needs a break. The doctors are trying very hard to get her on pass for Thursday. We pray that all things pending for tomorrow come back for the positive. Please pray with us.

Tracy is making the trek out here with everyone else so pray for safe travels. We are excited to be together. I suppose there will be much squishing going on tomorrow. Another blessing today, Kelsey received an extremely cute, soft, loosely knit scarf that immediately was wrapped around her bald head and has looked so adorable on her today. Love the look. Although it is cute, she is not into sharing the photo with the world just yet.

Karly had a good check-up. She has been anemic since the lymphoma last year, so they checked again and have put her on some supplements. This may help with her tiredness. Her ear tubes were just beginning to infect, so antibiotic drops started. Found out why her skin was getting worse and have a plan to correct this. We talked with the transplant doctor about when Karly will be started. We have a tentative plan to start the eligibility week the second or third week in December. This would mean the transplant would need to be started within a month after we sign the paperwork. This is a loosely based plan depending on how Kelsey is doing and if anything needs tweaked in the protocol. He reminded me that this is the first cord blood transplant for this disease in the world. Also, the type of conditioning they did has not been used by the other related and unrelated transplants for this disease. So many factors, in theory, and of course experience went into the planning for this, but no one knows what will happen. He wants to make sure Karly will have the best outcome after his experience with Kelsey. Sounds like Kelsey, once again, is a guinea pig, but a cute one. She doesn't mind. She knows what this means in the long term.

Pretty cool. In the devotional today it talks about being ingrafted in Christ. We are to marvel at the wonder of being a new creation, grafted into the Messiah. Kelsey is already ingrafted in Christ, and now she is being engraphed physically. Just a neat vision.


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