Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 10

Her neutrophil counts are holding are 2000 which is just within a normal range, but average range is 4000. She had a fever last night which she beat without the help of Tylenol. She feels yucky but a better yucky. The virus' on her body are getting a bit worse which is what we thought would happen without the Cidofovir. I believe everyone is back on board with restarting this next week which makes Kelsey happy. It makes her nauseous, but it is worth this price. All her doctors are still amazed at her recovery. This was one of the things we prayed for at our prayer meeting before we left, and praise God it has come to pass. There will soon be talk of discharge, I think before the 30 days. Continue praying for her quick recovery, no infections, no fevers, no downhill swings. We won't be looking to the future or anticipating this for we must live only to get through that day. Each day brings decisions, so we pray that each day these are made with wisdom.

Please pray for Karly as she is feeling more tired than normal. Her skin is getting worse. Her hearing is down a bit. She returns with Grandma on Nov. 21 for her refueling and appointments. She went to sleep on the sofa and was still on the sofa the next morning when Tracy left for work. She said she had woke up, but was too tired to go up to bed. The picture was too cute not to share.

Sister Debbie just showed up with a dairy free smoothie for Kelsey and some super soft thong slippers. We are going out for awhile. Hannah is staying to keep Kelsey entertained. There are 2 cute youtube videos with Konner and Kassidy that I will try to share when I get back. One of the families that does school with them made these with their 5 kids.

Talk soon,

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