Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mom not sick, Dad is.

Hi Everyone,
After Tracy posted the other day that he was sick, I've received a few emails saying for me to get better. Sorry everyone for the confusion. Just check at the bottom of the post to see who wrote it. Since I'm clearing up this issue, I'll give a brief update.

Kelsey couldn't take her study drug on Tuesday and hasn't been allowed to yet. Her liver counts were too high. She will be at NIH Sunday through Tuesday. More of a routine visit and refuel her antibodies. She seems to have a bit more energy and is helping out at home.

Karly has had a much better week. She has been consuming calories everyday..and finally was able to gain 1 pound. She left her room three times Wednesday for physical therapy, to use the relaxation chair, and play bingo. By the way, she was the big winner of the night. Today, we planned a visit to the American Cancer Society and lunch. When I got to her room this morning, her stomach was hurting pretty badly. We did get to the Cancer Society, but had to get her back to her room to lie lunch for her. She didn't eat breakfast or lunch. It was a setback. We had planned to go on the field trip tonight which was to Union Station, but had to cancel. Her stomach is settling down tonight, and she has eaten a little. I am hoping that tomorrow will be better. She is conversing more with the nurses, doctors, and me. She looks so much more alive. Praise God! There a things that happen everyday that I won't go into, but all in all she seems to be in an improved state.

People have offered to come out to take care of her so I could go home for awhile. Thank you to all who have offered. Karly wants and needs me here. I will be by her side through it all. It gives her peace. It gives me peace. If I went home, I would not be able to focus on the everyday happenings. Tracy has had to create a system that works for him. I wouldn't even know how to jump into it without wanting to revert back to my system. I love that we can Skype. Everyone is doing extremely well. For now, this is Karly's and my home. We have taken on Pam's lead of decorating the room. We have a card wall, a bear wall with posters, and every counter has something that reminds her of her friends and family in Muncie. I will post a few photos later. Thanks to everyone who is still sending cards and gifts. She recently received encouraging posters(Sarah I mean you). They are on the wall directly facing her. It is FUN! Praise God for you all!

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