Monday, January 25, 2010

I find myself about as miserable health wise as I've been for quite some time. Anyone who knows me knows that just the fact that I went to the doctor was proof I must be major sick. The office worker at the doctor's office asked me if I had ever been a patient with them, and I truly couldn't remember to which she added, "Oh, I see here you were back in 2002." I even made the comment to one person that I was so glad that I got to the doctor so quickly so I wouldn't have to put up with feeling this lousy for long. Then I got to thinking about that. What must this feel like to go to the doctor and feel worse than I've felt for months? Heck in the words of Kelsey, "Welcome to my world." How frustrating must that be? I knew I had strep; I knew that all I had to do was go get the drugs, and it would be better in just a few days. That's the way it works, isn't it? I can sort of relate better to what the girls go through...being in bed nauseous and weak for months on end and the torture of constant skin with no relief from the pain of cracked skin and the maddening itch. A simple strep can teach you a bunch. I have some amazing girls that truly can stomach so much more than me.

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