Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dad's Post 1

Greetings all,
I guess it is my task to relate the Muncie side of this mission. I do feel this is a mission. The task before our family is to trust in God enough to concur this mountain, keeping the frost bite and the altitude sickness to a minimum. Keeping with the mountaineering metaphor, I must say from the Muncie climbing face, we are well blessed with wonderful Sherpa, that keep our climb team supplied and equipped abundantly. So many beautiful sacrificial Sherpa! I am learning so much about grace and sacrifice not from climbing the mountain, although there is that, but simply by watching the blessing of the Sherpa.
The thing about being base camp is you often can't see the peak for the clouds and the storms on the mountain. We have heard rumors of the storm here at base camp. Seen some pretty nasty looking clouds hovering over the mountain. I even got to go hang out on the mountain for a few days and get a sense of the struggles there. Yeah its a tough climb, but I have GREAT faith we can summit with perseverance and the prayer of our loyal Sherpa.
Some mountaineers climb mountains because they get a sense of being nearer to God. But I can tell you, the mountain is cold and desolate. I get no sense of God by looking at the mountain or the view from the mountain. And being base camp, I don't get the option of viewing from the concurred peak. But I get my sense of God by watching the precious Sherpa, the Christ like effort they display ,and the miracles they bring to camp on a regular basis.
No climbing expedition would ever succeed without its Sherpa. And I have the best.


  1. Thanks for sharing Tracy! We are just a phone call away. We stand with you in prayer at all times. Keep sharing with us on the blog. We look forward to reading it and knowing how specifically to pray.

    Blessings and love,
    Carmel and Doug

  2. Tracy-
    I love your thought processes. Let me know what I can do to help you out...Have been praying and thinking of you all!
    Sarah C.