Friday, January 8, 2010

Dad's Post 2

I really believe the formula for beating this is "God /(prayer + faith) - time + obedience"!

I'll just have to be honest here, I would give anything to not be here, not to be facing the challenge of life in Muncie, separate from my spouse. But it is an equal amount I would give to see the cancer disappear. So the equation is balanced, God's love sustains.

The bills seem to be payed , the bellies are full, and the life is tolerated. We did revamp school here and with little birth pains, it seems to be working. My sacrifice to this is not having much week night evening TV, probably the best thing that could happen to me. I hope to get in the gym again next week for the first time since before Thanksgiving. But I don't think morning spin class will be possible for a while as I stay up too late attending to details. Even this may change as Kelsey comes home next week, cross your fingers. All in all, the grind is just that, and the formula will produce God's results.

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