Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Weekend

The weekend has gone well with minimal vomiting. She feels crummy but is more alert and is trying very hard to eat and walk. She had lost 30 pounds at one point. With the IV feeding, she put 11 pounds back on. Then with days of diarrhea, she lost another 5. She is around 103lbs. right now. She has been more talkative and more loving. Praise God!

Gabe, a family friend, had is 18th birthday party Friday night. The group of boys had decided to re-shave their heads. Right photo from left to right: Zach, Nathaniel, Joseph, Trent, and Gabe. It was extremely fun for Karly and I to see this on Saturday. Thanks boys for the laughs! Saturday night Trent Skyped us from home. He had gone with the Yul Brynner look. For those of you young ones out there, just Google the name. I must say he looks great. All of the boys look very handsome. I hope to get a photo of Trent to share with you. Karly's comment was, "I have more hair than you. I have options." Then she showed him her pony tail. I'm glad she is taking it in stride. Praise God!

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