Friday, January 22, 2010


Today, non-officially, counts as the half-way point in Karly's systemic cycles, if 6 is the magic number. They will assess her situation at the end of 6 cycles to see if any more are needed. The chemo in her Ommaya Reservoir will go into May. The doctors have been tweaking things this week. With the change in her nausea med, the stopping of the IV feeding, and the addition of her appetite med, she has done quite well. The major change came last night. They stopped the IV basil and push narcotic. They started a narcotic patch and Advil. She had a restless night. She has done quite well with the change. Pray for success with the pain, nausea, eating, pooping, and mobility. Her liver continues to be angry...and we don't know why. Pray for wisdom in this area. All in all a good news day.

Kelsey will be getting her blood drawn today. This will tell us how her liver is doing after the double dosing of her study drug on Tuesday. She will be returning to NIH on Sunday for blood draw on Monday, curettage, pictures, and I think her IVIG. She shouldn't need to stay long. She is a big help at home.

We had Indiana visitors this morning. This was a welcomed surprise. The Bennett family had been in the area...Shane teaching Perspective classes, & family sight-seeing and learning. I sent a head rub, hug, and kiss to Trent via Joseph...."This is from mommy!" The boys from life group are planning on shaving their heads again tonight at Gabe's 18th birthday celebration.

Life is seeming pretty stable on my end today. My take on how things are going on the other end is that it is going very well also. We were blessed to find out that we will be able to spend our next time together over Spring Break at a house by the ocean in Ocean City. Please pray that the timing is perfect for both girls to be able to go and the we ALL will be together for this respite care. Our family loves the water, sand and feel of the breeze of the ocean! The photo on this blog is Karly's pop can creation at Lake Michigan this past summer. The other photo is her Angel's Volleyball. She is quite good at sand creations and volleyball!

Love to you all,

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