Friday, January 15, 2010

Dictating through Mom :)

Hi All,
Sorry I haven't been on for awhile; I've been distracted. Mom has kept you up-to-date on the medical stuff, but not on what's happening in my life. I'll start back in December when I finally made the decision to move back home which happened to be a great decision. The decision was reached because I had been so sick and nothing was improving. Little did I know that from Maryland my mom was plotting to re-vamp the guest room into a Kelseyfied habitat. I showed up on the doorstep during the week of the renovation(3 days before going to Maryland for Christmas). I found a large SUV in my driveway and a familiar face came to the door to question my arrival. I had accidentally stumbled upon the plot. Now, after being out here a month, I'm finally being released and able to see my room in its finished state!
That's right folks. I'm going home this weekend.

After being off of my study drug for two weeks, I was pleading to get back on it. I was upset with my liver. My whole body had regressed back to the pre-drug state if not worse. My cracking fingers, pain, use of my hands, and growths made my life miserable. Thank goodness I had my mommy to do stuff for me that I could no longer do. I'm excited to be back on the drug because of what I had already seen happening. I had reached a point after trying so many extreme treatments that to think one might really make a difference was not plausible to me. After seeing the before and after photos of only 4 weeks and finding out they were taking me off of it, I got emotional(down in the pits). I had thought that I might really get my hands back and use of my body back. This would be good because then I could use my DDR I got for Christmas. The docs and I are very excited about me taking a double dose of the study drug for the next two weeks as long as my liver behaves. :)

While Skyping Grandma today, Dr. Freeman came in to recap my discharge orders. While talking about this stuff, mom asked(as she does daily) if she had spoken with the head transplant doc. ****Kelsey starts giggling louder and almost coughs a lung up because she dictated to mom the word "head" transplant. It took a minute for it to sink in to mom what she had just typed for me. Anyway, the transplant doc found a close swab match and is in the process of contacting them for a blood sample. OK folks rev your prayer engines! This could be it.

Still dancing through the rain,

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  1. Awesome Kelsey! I can't even imagine what you have been going through....what an awesome, beautiful, faithful pot God is molding with you. I'll keep praying and keep believing that you will be completely restored (spiritually and physically). Keep dancing girl, the rain eventually has to stop!!