Thursday, February 6, 2020

9 years ago Kelsey's Homegoing

I made this post the day she died..Feb.2, 2011: Continual dialysis, ventilator, & more drugs than they can keep up with, another line placed in neck. Told night nurse to watch out for miracle. Hoping. Praying. Tracy's here. Angie helping by day. Kelly holding night vigil. Walk by faith, not sight! -Mom

Karly's thoughts 2020:Reading this still pumps the blood through my veins faster. I remember this day, not perfectly, but the emotions are fresh. I have those momentary flashes of memory from her last day, and as much as they are not pleasant, I must feel them as I remember her. My beautiful sister. So smart, caring, kind. Never knew a stranger. Willing to lead the way. As life goes on, I give credit to you. You made such a daring sacrifice that I get to see the fruit of. It's beautiful, sis. The DOCK8 lives that are saved now because of you, including mine. Gosh, I miss you, but I wouldn't be here if you were. Someone had to do it, and you said it had to be you. So many times, I want to share my life experiences with you, but I can't. I still don't always understand why, but I know I will always be thankful for you. I praise God that you are dancing with Him in Heaven. Surely enough, we will see you again. A hope that I strongly cling to. I try to live better with this chance at a second life, because of you, and you still inspire me to push myself harder. I can only praise God for His marvelous plans, and live to tell His story. This life I live is not my own, and I must use it the way you did. As a living sacrifice to others. Thank you, Kelsey E. J. Koch for the life you lived so well! ♥️