Monday, May 10, 2010

4 weeks already?

Time home has been so great. I have loved all the special moments. Karly's hair has started to show a shadow. She's soft and fuzzy. We are all excited to see what it will look like. She is doing more with her friends which is so fun to watch. She turns 16 on our next trip to NIH. She's not interested in driving anytime soon. She appears to be doing well as far as her health is concerned. Her food allergies are still a problem. We are pursuing some testing in this area. I've accomplished many needed projects like cleaning out closets, drawers, boxes, and repainted and decorated the little girls' room. My most current project is the kid's bathroom. As I suspected, we have health issues hidden under walls and floors. What was going to be a superficial repainting and flooring is now to gut the room of the tub, shower walls, floor, and sink. Please pray that we can get this done before my next long stay at NIH. Karly started physical therapy here. She is working hard at rebuilding her strength, balance, and endurance before her transplant. Tracy and I successfully moved Tyler into his temporary room for the summer. He said, "He has slept like a baby since he moved in. Thanks mom!" Tracy and I will get to fly to Florida for the celebration of some friends' kids marriage. The kids of two very dear friends found love after many years, and we can't be more excited for them. Karly and Konner will be going with my mom to bury the ashes of their grandpa that same weekend. We sure are squashing a lot into our time. It seems like so many things need done that only I can get done. That overwhelming feeling creeps in, but thank God each day I look to Him for what to do. Each night I find myself really tired, but know that each day I accomplished what I was suppose to. We leave for NIH again this Sunday, Karly's 16th birthday. We were just reminiscing that last year we were flying to Barcelona, Spain on her birthday...a much better birthday present. God's timing was sure perfect on that one. I've had thoughts about our story that were put into very good words from Pastor Gregg. I hope that I can share these at a later time. In the mean time, he has had a series of sermons based on the Power of a Story. I would encourage you to go to and find those stories. They are truly encouraging and God glorifying. Until later, God Bless!